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Kids' Choice Winner - SewsNBows

另一个Kids' Choice series获奖者在这里分享与她的奖金制成的创作。艾米博客在SewsNBows并激发她美丽的缝纫。今天让她在这里很高兴!谢谢,艾米!

I'm Amy fromSewsNBows。It's so nice to visit today! A while back I won the Kids' Choice celebration here at E&E, and got to order some beautiful knits fromL'Oiseau Fabrics.。I wanted to stop by and tell you about the experience.

L'Oiseau Fabrics.

商店所有者(米歇尔)非常友好和乐于助人。我向她承认,我很难在网上购买针织面料。我需要触摸它!!她是如此善良,帮助我选择了各种欧元的面料,这些面料已经敲开了袜子。我已经制作了第二次订单......自从我尝试了一点点每种类型的针织,我不觉得我会出错。这是我的新地方:)这个面料是menagerie; a Stenzo jersey knit. The Stenzo knits are absolutely magical to sew with. They are so soft, with a ton of stretch. The best part is, they look exactly the same after every wash. No fading or pilling. Perfect for undies! (And pretty much everything else.)来自L'Ooueau Fabrics的“梅花姜条纹”泽西编织我用了这件衣服Plum & Ginger Stripes。这是我为自己制作的第一个成功服装。佩戴感觉很好!这花费少于史密密,仍然如此优质。它有一个羽毛悬垂,并且在所有4个方向上仍然缩短。我有足够的剩余衣服;我应该真正为我的女儿做点什么。但我不会。剩菜也是我的。“动物园”Stenzo球衣从L 'Ouseau针织法夫里cs
Here's some more of the Menagerie print in action. I didn't even notice that I sewed it upside down until I uploaded this photo. Since it wears so well, I'll be able to chop and stitch this into something else once it's outgrown.Something else right side up. 星星!在婴儿蓝色:斯僵泽西队从L'Ooueau面料编织I wrote aknit waistband tutorialusing this L'Oiseau fabric. It's another Stenzo print;星星!in baby blue。此打印中有几种其他颜色可用。猜猜我为这些短裤攻击了什么样的模式?海蒂的Bubble Pocket Shorts!!Woven print from L'Ouseau Fabrics
L'Oiseau also carries some nice poplin, denim, corduroy, & velour. I couldn't find any more of this poplin print in the shop; but there are so many pretties that you can't find anywhere else. I love this floral print with birds sooo much!Spin Skirt
I used it to make the Spin Skirt, and I'm showing it on my blog today. If you'd like to see some more L'Oiseau fabric in action, head to my place to see my why Heidi's Spin Skirt is this month'sTween Pattern Showcase!!

Coming Soon: Knock it Off 2014

如果你在商店里看过衣服或衣服并对自己说:“我想我可以做到这一点!”,那时你会爱这个系列。十四个非常有才华的设计师被排队并准备激励你。这是关于穿着我们看到和爱的衣服的孩子,但不想花这么大的$$$。或者你也许你只是喜欢缝制,让个人享受创造自己的衣服而不是购买它。无论你是什么原因,也准备好缝制,因为会有一些伟大的奖品随机授予一些将其创作上传到的幸运读者Knock it Off Flickr Group。The敲掉系列去年是惊人的,所以我迫不及待地想看看今年的参与者在店里储存了!谈到参与者,这是客人的令人难以置信的阵容:




波希米亚娃娃在旅游 - 直接植物

今天波希米亚娃娃在博客上是非常有才华的博客直接植物。Not only did she make this beautiful dress, but she's also offering one yard of the Michael Miller fabric she used for the bodice! Head overthere她更多的衣服并进入赠品。

Kids' Choice Winner - Snippet

Tuesday, July 15, 2014
Remember theKids' Choice seriesback in May with all those awesome outfits made with fabric that the kids got to choose? Well, today we get to see what one of the winners made with her winnings froml'oiseau fabrics。安吉拉是一个留在家里的妈妈,他缝制,针织,为她的博客拍摄了她可爱的小女孩的美丽照片,片段。I'm so happy to have her guest here today! Take it away, Angela!

Way back in May, I participated in the Kids' Choice contest, and much to my surprise and delight, was one of the winners! In the spirit of kids' choice, my daughter and I sat down together and planned what we would buy with our $50 gift certificate to the lovelyL'Oiseau Fabrics.。My goal was to make a few casual, comfortable summer pieces that will work with other things in her wardrobe. Considering that all three pieces had either grass stains or melted ice cream drips on them by the time I took pictures, I would say that they are working out well.
首先,我制作了一个奥利弗和s斜纹岩在蓝色Trellis从L'Oiseau打印。我不得不说我最初为裙子买了柔盘图案,并且有点忽略了上衣。但是,当我通过我的模式集合浏览以找到夏天的顶部时,我决定尝试一下。出于某种原因,它不是我最喜欢的缝制模式,但我喜欢最终产品的外观和适合。它是轻盈的,真的是一个完美的夏天顶部。微小的花卉图案对于一个小女孩来说是甜蜜的,非常完美。史源府府是轻盈的衣服 - 比正规绗缝棉花缝制得多。
The pants are made with Made by Rae's欧芹裤子pattern, with and added tab and button so they can be worn rolled up. They are sewn from a grey stretch poplin, which seems to be sold out. I made the pocket piping (yay, my first time!) and button tabs out of the floral fabric. They are nice and light and look super cute (the flat-front Parsley pants are a proven winner around here - this was E's fourth pair, but first summery version). They look nice rolled down too.
粉红色和白色条纹t是一个修改的Flashback- 我切开颈部略大,使用短袖,并在底部添加了一条带(这是一个实验,看看E是否不太可能觉得需要在膝盖上伸展带状下摆,因为她通常会吹没有时间在她的T恤上的下摆)。面料是一个Stenzo jersey, and it is soooo soft, and a lovely weight for t-shirts. Love the Stenzo jersey!
Also in the works are a pair of summer PJs using another Stenzo jersey, cut out and ready to sew. Anyone else have a sewing room that is currently too hot to actually use? Mine is in a sweltering hot corner of the upstairs of our very old, uninsulated house. After about 11 am, it's a no-go, so my sewing hours have been limited. After a rainy, cool June, summer has really and truly arrived where I live, and we are in slow-motion summer mode here. Beach, swimming, picnics in the park, camping. In the spirit of summer, here is a shot of E trying out her new outfit at the park, flying the kite that we made at an art class last week:
Thank you so much Heidi for hosting Kids' Choice, and allowing me to share some of my projects. And of course, a big thank you to l'Oiseau fabrics for the lovely gift! I am so happy to have found a great selection of garment fabrics from a Canadian source, and will definitely be back for more. Have a great summer everyone!

波希米亚娃娃在游览上 - 狡猾的狡猾

When Mie fromSewing Like Madget a hold of your pattern, you know she's going to make something amazing with it. Sure enough, take a look at theBohemian Babydollshe's sewn! More adorable pics on herblog

Bohemian Babydoll Tour - Heidi&Finn

Thursday, July 10, 2014
Fellow Canadian designer and friend Christine from赫达& Finn制作了Bohemian Babydoll进入这个华丽的上衣。她自我起草的是整个集合的碎片,使这一切都在一起华丽的装备。看到更多赫达& Finn blog

Bohemian Babydoll on Tour - sewVery

Monday, July 7, 2014
这没有关于这个Bohemian Babydollmade by Veronica fromsewVerythat I don't absolutely love! It looks lovely on her daughter and so well made. Go see more photos atsewVery!!

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