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Spring Showers Jacket Pattern Tour Giveaway

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Happy Easter Everyone!! I hope it's a fun filled day for all!

Next week, the春天淋浴夹克之旅从令人难以置信的才华横溢的客人排队开始。你不会想念这些女士创造的惊人夹克。


And how about you? Want to win a copy of the pattern so you can make one, too? I'll be giving away threeSpring Showers Jacketpatterns on Wednesday, April 23. Enter below, and good luck!



Friday, April 11, 2014


That's where the idea for Kids' Choice came from. Teaming up withl'oiseau, my favourite place for beautiful, high quality fabrics and trims, we are issuing a challenge: sew something for your kids, but letthem选择面料,装备和配件!也许你一直这样做,也许不是。无论哪种方式,分享所有的孩子启发服装都会很有趣!

如果在线有一个地方,我可以去最好的品质面料,它是l'oiseau。Whether its jersey knits, wovens, patterns, or super fun trims, I always shop with confidence knowing that what arrives in the mail, is exactly what I'm hoping for and often exceeds my expectations. What is different about their products, is that they are unique and specially selected, some not even available anywhere else in North America! And their customer service is second to none. Special thanks tol'oiseaufor generously sponsoring this event.


Iron-On Transfers:Hearts from l'oiseau
Patterns: Ottobre 01/14

从5月1日至9日起,您可以在E&E的位置将项目链接并分享所有创作。根据您的喜好输入多次,即使是您之前所做的衣服。然后,5月11日,将随机选择三个提交,以赢得终极母亲节礼物:狂欢购物l'oiseauof $50 each! At a later date, coordinated by the winners and myself, they will show us what they made with their winnings here at E&E. How fun will that be?!

So, the only rule here is that thekids get to choose。That's it!




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Spring Showers Jacket Pattern

Friday, April 4, 2014

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  • 47页PDF文件
  • full colour photographs and diagrams
  • 编号,逐步说明
  • 标准8.5x11“和A4纸张上的打印
  • 包括帝国和度量标准测量
  • full-size pattern pages
  • pattern sizes are colour coordinated and have individual line styles, so you canprint in black and white OR colour
  • clear instructions forprinting only the size(s) you needusing PDF layers
  • 3/8 (1cm) seam allowances included
  • no serger needed
  • 规模为2/3岁至12年
  • 一旦付款处理,将立即将图案链接到您的PayPal帐户电子邮件

View testers photos这里

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Spring Showers Jacket Testers

对所有奇妙的测试人员感谢所有的精彩测试人员,他们就最新的E&E模式提供了良好的反馈:Spring Showers Jacket。没有宝贵建议,最终产品就不会是相同的。看看他们所做的事情总是一种待遇,我很高兴与你分享一些照片。

Size 2/3

Size 4/5


Size 6/7



Size 10/11


Size 12

Watch for the release of theSpring Showers Jacketlater today.

Flickr Group Features

看看是如此愉快E & E Flickr Groupand see what patterns you've been working on. Thank you so much for sharing what you've made and keep them coming! You inspire me to keep designing and releasing new patterns.


Back tomorrow with the new Spring Showers Jacket pattern release. I look forward to seeing this one pop up in the Flickr group soon!


Today I'm over atiCandy Handmadefor Jen and Autie's DIY Babies series sharing a little round up of my favourite patterns for little ones. It's all cuteness over there...come check it out!

And there's also aHUGE giveaway,也是如此,如果你想输入获胜,here it is!

Straight Lines and Angles

Thursday, March 20, 2014

直线和角度是由jess主办的系列如果只是他们会打盹,我很荣幸成为分享他们的几何进入设计的精彩阵容的一部分。Michael Miller Technicolor Triplet Kryptonitehas been sitting in my stash for awhile, and I knew it was the perfect choice for the dress I wanted to make. And because I wanted to really highlight this fabric, my initial thoughts were to design a dress with a princess seam to keep the pattern of the triangles intact.


闭包在后面,我是否要进行辩论use an invisible zipper (my current favourite), but then decided to go with a partially exposed regular zipper to incorporate a 'straight line' as part of the design.



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