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我ntroducing a Guest: Compagnie M

Have you heard ofCompagnie M?This Belgian mom to two adorable daughters, is new to the blogging world, but her original designs are quickly becoming recognizable as her patterns take the online sewing world by storm. And did I mention she has generously offered FIVE free patterns on her blog?! I'm so impressed by the quality of her work and her unique designs. If you don't already followCompagnie M, I highly recommend you do, because you won't want to miss out on anything Marte is creating! It is my pleasure to introduce Marte to you today, as my guest.


我’m so trilled to get the opportunity to show you my work today at E&E’s blog! So first of all I would like to thank Heidi. I’m sooo happy to get this chance to present this ‘little Belgian fish in the big sea’! I guess you never heard aboutCompagnie M.before right!? That’s probably because I only started my little blog about 3 months ago….
But I would like to take you further back in time to present my silly little stuff and myself. Like a lot of seamstresses, when I got pregnant (about 3 years ago) I felt the need to be creating something for my baby twins. So one evening, I was telling Bjorn: I really need a sewing machine! And tadaaa: he came back to me with an antique Singer (hand driven) and a big smile on his face. Bjorn collects everything that smells like old stuff and one day he got this lovely Singer sewing machine from his parents as a present. What a nice gift!

So this very old Singer, became my first sewing buddy. But except for sewing straight & straight & straight, it wasn't really helping. And I was a lousy one-hand-sewing-lady. So eventually I bought myself a brand new Husqvarna. The best decision ever. I was really surprised at that time to see the machine make my buttonholes automatically. But then I started feeling a little clumsy. I had this sophisticated machine, so I needed to get my sewing skills on the same level. One year ago I started following my first course and what happened is obvious: I became addicted to sewing! I started making children’s clothes because I kept hoping to lose some weight myself one day (which never happened of course).

Being a product developer by education I became frustrated when I noticed that the patterns I was using, didn’t always turned out to be just like I wanted them to be… So I started drawing patterns myself! Visiting An fromStraight Grainwas one of the best thing that ever happened to me. She convinced me to start blogging (in English) and another addiction is a fact now. A whole new world is opening to me: blogs, series, Pinterest, drawing my own patterns,... I just love it! I hope you can see my enthusiasm onmy blog

我有5个欧洲杯小组赛竞猜免费模式available on my blog at the moment. Do you like one? Just visitmy blog! I’ll be happy to share them with you.

And of course I would like to thank Heidi to make this perfect Bubble Shorts pattern. Lisa is sooo happy to carry around her little bunny all the time! The pattern is to cute to be true. Last week we were working both on our own playsuit pattern: what a coincidence! We’ll be swapping our patterns for a future post so be sure to check both blogs sometime later this month to see the result. And I’m so excited to know what pattern Heidi is working on at this moment… I’ll surely keep following her blog!

感谢你分享今天,玛蒂·!我t is easy to see you have a real passion for sewing, pattern-making and of course, your wonderful family!



Recently, I came across a couple of outfits while browsingCaramel Baby & Childthat I just love. I knew that at some point, I wanted to use those outfits as inspiration for something to sew for Anja. Rather than pick one of the two, I let theE&E Facebook friends投票给哪一个我应该缝制,因为我对淘汰赛的贡献。好吧,它太接近了,所以在某些时候,我计划制作两者!

我've completed the first outfit, and today, I will show how I made the top. The trousers will be a separate post coming soon.

如果您还没有下载免费Pleated Playsuit Pattern, yet, go do that now! You will need it for this tutorial.

这是灵感的装备如何(Fowey Top.andLuppitt裤子)比较我的。


To make my version of the Fowey Top, you will need:
  • 大约1/2码或米轻质棉花
  • Four grosgrain ribbon shoulder ties (17"/43cm each) (or make your own from fabric)
  • Coordinating thread
  • 该bodice pattern piece from thePleated Playsuit

Watch for the tutorial for the trousers next week.

Little Hibou Shoppe Giveaway Winners


该newest Little Hibou Shoppe patterns have just been released...these adorable, ferocious dinosaurs! They are currently available at a discount of 35% using the coupon code DINO35 if you want to pick them up and make them for the dino enthusiast in your life!


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

我被出现的东西被吹走了Knock it Off Flickr Group, too! Just loveliness all around!! Thank you for sewing along. Here are just some of the gorgeous garments made by you:

(check out all the great t-shirts, too!)

下一篇文章将是我的Caramel Baby & Child灵感衣服。它很好地聚集在一起......对于潜行偷看,跟随E&E on Instagram

Knock it Off - Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! and a Giveaway!

敲击系列几乎已经结束了。我们被治疗过的创意伟大的创意多个月!关闭该系列是一个更可爱的男孩的外观(我喜欢那里有这么多可爱的男孩的服装!)除了超级才华横溢的斯蒂奇Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! But before you head overtherefor more details (and a free digital pattern!), check out her precious photos below, and then scroll down further for the giveaway! :)

要包装东西,令人敬畏的赠品如何庆祝另一个敲门的末端?我非常兴奋这个,不仅因为我知道这是你喜欢赢的东西,而且因为这些模式背后的才华横溢的女士也是一个个人朋友(是的,在现实生活中)!Tina我遇到了早在90年代,当我们参加了山姆e college, and after that, our family had the privilege of attending the same church where her husband pastored, not only in our home province British Columbia, but then again here in Ontario. She's one of the few non-online friends I have who shares a real passion for the handmade, and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone as kind and considerate as Tina.

Little Hibou Shoppe是几年前成立的,提供简单的窗口,柔软和特殊手工毛绒玩具,苗圃装饰和珍贵礼品的完全说明。他们非常适合经验丰富的女裁缝,他们需要快速鞭打一组馅饼,或者对于想要满足创造专业的宝藏,这是易于制造的初学者。就个人而言,我期待着我的孩子足够大,可以学习缝制,因为在学习了一些简单的缝线之后,我认为这些是他们愿意的项目类型。

最好的部分是,蒂娜慷慨地为三种幸运的电子&e读者提供了三套。在下面使用RaffLecopter进行四次赢取。并检查新的Little Stuff blog(there are some great freebies!) and theLittle Llama Shoppe(数码剪贴簿纸和纸工艺印刷品)也!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Grading Down the Pleated Playsuit Pattern

Thursday, May 30, 2013
Because I received so many inquiries for me to provide smaller sizes for the褶皱的Playsuit Pattern.,我决定制作一些关于将其分析到几种尺寸的过程的图表。

Cut out and tape thepatterntogether, and then use the measurements in the diagrams below to grade it to the size you need. The pant back is graded down the same as the front (below), except the 3/8"/1cm measurement along the sides will also extend along the back rise.

For the additional self-drafted pieces, measure the following:

Leg Cuffs (short pant) 6m/9m - 1.75"X12.5"(4.5cmX32cm)
3m/6m - 1.75"X 12" (4.5cmX3cm)
Leg Cuffs (long pant) 6m/9m - 1.75"X8.5"(4.5cmX21.5cm)
3m/6m - 1.75"X 8"(4.5cmX20cm)
肩部关系 - 3m-9m - 1“x14”(2.5cmx35.5cm)

我hope this helps! Contact me if you need any clarification and I'll try my best to explain further.

Pleated Playsuit Pattern


  • 34 page PDF document (5.1MB) with full colour photographs and instructions
  • numbered, step-by-step instructions
  • prints on both standard 8.5X11" and A4 paper
  • includes both imperial and metric measurements
  • full-size pattern pages
  • 包括接缝津贴
  • no serger needed
  • 大小12个月至9年
  • fabric recommendations & requirements, notions, sizing chart
我n order to simplify the drafting and digitizing process, the bodice front & back and facing are all on one pattern piece, as are the pocket and pocket lining. It is recommended to trace each piece separately before cutting your fabric. Refer to the coloured diagrams on the pattern pages iv and vii for reference.

This is a complimentary pattern in appreciation for all the wonderful supporters who have been following me along my sewing/designing journey here at E&E. I sincerely thank you all for your kindness, encouragement, and support! This pattern is my gift to you!


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