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把它关掉- Running With Scissors

Tuesday, November 6, 2012
杰西卡是荣幸的用剪刀跑步今天在这里分享她惊人的教程。有没有罪ce I became ahuge她在她的季节工作的粉丝Project Run & Play,我尾随着她的博客,被她征服kills in so many different areas of crafting. And here she is today with yet another incredibly creative look: her pleather hand cut skirt for toddlers. Thank you, Jessica!

I am excited to share my knock off idea here with you!
I love making clothes for my kids, especially to save money or create looks you'd never find in stores.

Lately, I've liked the current trend of laser cut leather.

So today, I thought I'd try my own version of this leather skirt, but for toddler girls:
Whistles laser leather cut out skirt, £250
I liked the fact the cut out design was mainly around the hem, so you wouldn't have to line the skirt.
Also, I don't have a laser, so the design would be hand cut and simple is obviously better.
I chose not to use real leather, going with chocolate pleather because it's cheaper, more kid-friendly, and easier to punch.
I thought this was a cute way to have a different textile in your girl's wardrobe without seeming sexy or too adult, which I usually associate with leather.

The detail on the skirt are simple punches in overlapping circles along the hem.

for toddler sized skirt
-sewing machine, sharpie marker, masking tape
available from amazonand other craft or fabric stores

uses one 8.5"x 11" page, cardstock recommended

Basically you're just drawing a donut shape.
The included template is for a skirt that would accomodate a 18-22" waist and the finished skirt is 6.5" long.
To add to the length of skirt, add however much you need to the larger curve (wide end of pie).
Because pleather is thick, I traced the entire circle out on the wrong side, using tailor's chalk.
Carefully cut out pleather donut making as smooth edge as possible with scissors or rotary cutter/ mat.

Using printable circle template, I used a piece of masking tape to make a quick, even mark from the skirt edge, putting the circles 3/4" away from hem. I marked each dot with a blue sharpie marker.

To punch out each hole, you can use the snap pliers or the buttonhole cutter circle.
smaller hole, cleaner punch, more time consuming
I found pressure straight down along with twisting produced clean, perfect holes
quicker to use, larger hole, not always a clean punch, hard to reach holes farther from edge.

Mark the quarters of the elastic and the waist of your skirt.

Pin the elastic on top of the skirt, overlapping 1/2" and pinning at the quarter marks.
The elastic is smaller than the waist hole, so as you top-stitch the elastic to the skirt, be sure to stretch as you sew.

我将弹性放在裙子1/4“中,再次缝合在1/8以下(not shown)away from elastic edge.

You're finished!

跳到我的博客,用剪刀跑步for more kids clothing projects along with a bunch of other junk!

把它关掉- a girl and a glue gun

Monday, November 5, 2012
I am sothrilledto have Kimbo froma girl and a glue gunhere today! I became acquainted with her when we competed together onProject Run & Play, and I'm so glad I did because she's a super fun, hilarious girl with aof great ideas. And today is no exception...check out this refashion she made..LOVE it! Take it away, Kimbo!

so excited to be here! i blog over ata girl and a glue gun.....而且我喜欢挖掘很多东西......所以这个系列就在我的巷子里!

i was on pinterest and saw this sweatshirt:



i hit up the thrift store and bought a gray sweatshirt..

needs to be double sided...i mean..each side has the detail....not one straight edge on one side and the other is fancy like.

and then i laid my sweatshirt out like this...
and snipped off the top of the sleeve
leaving the collar and wrist alone....


then you sew it on (gets a little tricky when you get to the end..but go slow! it can be done!


(this shirt is actually for me....but the daughter thinks she can fit into my clothes! and about 65 out of 70 pictures she took of me wearing it were blurry....


you can come buy anytime and visit me atmy blog


Sunday, November 4, 2012
Here are just a few of the amazing looks from the把它关掉flickr group. Keep them coming...they are such a great source of inspiration!

Frances Suzanne

Melly Sews

Caila Made

敲门系列 - 第一节

Friday, November 2, 2012
这是....敲门的第一天!要踢掉东西,我创造了三件套衣服àlaBONPOINT., a children's couture house and online fashion boutique. I have only ever seen photos of celebrity children wearing this brand and it's no secret why...it's pricey! But I love the clothes: simple, beautiful fabrics, classic designs...it's so up my alley, but I just couldn't justify the cost. Not on my stay-at-home-mom salary! :)

所以,这是我的一个服装。我从一个实际的角度选择它...... Anja真的需要她的衣柜里的每个碎片。购买此装备BONPOINT.将花费相当于335.00美元,矿山的面料和概念约为17.00美元。不错!:)(我没有造一条围巾......这只是照片目的的面料)


我用过Ashley Knit Ruffle dress从这一点的模式Peek-a-boo Patternshop (I highly recommend these patterns...super easy to follow instructions and flawless pattern pieces). This pattern was perfect because it has the button closure on the shoulder just like the original shirt. Final result:

The cardigan was pretty straight-forward. I used the same pattern as the t-shirt above, but cut the front in two, adding width for the button plackets (rather than separate pieces, and just folded over). The one tip I would pass on when working with a sweater knit fabric, is to use interfacing for the buttonholes.

Here are a few in-process photos:

And the finished product:




Turn, and press. Put the pocket piece in place.


When sewing the front to back at outer leg, leave an opening at the bottom for the cuff.


For the tied detail on the front, I only stitched the waistband closed until to the pocket opening. Using that opening, I inserted the elastic, and pinned it in place on each side.

Then, stitch the elastic on each side, and sew the twill tape on.

To finish up the bottom cuff, I gathered the pants, and enclosed them into a bias tape I cut from the original fabric. I also made the button loops the same way. The last step was the back pocket.

Et Voilà!

I hope you've enjoyed the first knock-off of the series! Can't wait to see what Kimbo froma girl and a glue gunhas to show us on Monday...she's a creative genius!

Inspiring Knock Offs...Accessories

Happy November, Everyone! Before the official kick-off for the把它关掉明天系列,这是一系列配件淘汰创作,以激励您。你听说过Copy Cat Crafts...it's a DIY designer knock-off blog? Check it out for even more ideas!

Here are some adorable Anthropologie bobby pin knock offs...

I know my boy would love a backpack like this one, which was inspired by a Pottery Barn Kids original.

Another Anthropologie hair accessory knock-off that I love...soooo cute!

And what little girl wouldn't look perfectly pretty in one of these American Apparel knock-off hair bows?


See you tomorrow when I reveal my knock-off!


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