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PR&P Finale!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
WOW! I simply cannot thank all my supporters enough for helping me get to theProject Run & Playfinale! As you can imagine, things have been very busy around here, and I'm working very hard on creating something that represents my style aesthetic. Shouldn't be too much of a surprise if you've been following my designs. :) I do hope that what I present will be able to inspired you, my readers, in some way or another. This journey has been amazing, from being a basically self-taught seamstress and newbie blogger, to the finale of a competition that I've been a diligent spectator of from the sidelines for so long.

So, once again, THANK YOU!

And, a question...I need to prepare my tutorial for tomorrow, and I'd like to get your input: would you rather: the hat or the tutu? Just comment below to let me know!

Well, back to sewing...I've been at it since 5am if you can believe it! Two more days and then I'll rest!

PR&P Week 5 - Apple of My Eye

Friday, October 12, 2012

It's hard believe with all the talent this season, that I'm still a competitor in Season 5 ofProject Run & Play! Thank you so much to each one of you who have voted for me and for all the lovely comments. The encouragement and commendations are appreciated more than you know!

Click here to votefor this week's submissions.

The challenge for week 5 was to pick a Fall Holiday and create a look inspired by it. I didn't have to think very long before deciding to choose Thanksgiving. Two years ago, my baby girl was due Hallowe'en, but I hoped and prayed she'd been born Thanksgiving...and wouldn't you know it!? Exactly three weeks early, there she came, and I was one happy mama! (Here in Canada Thanksgiving is in October) :)

So this particular holiday has extra special meaning, and was the easy choice. From there, I decided to go with outerwear for the cool, crispness in the air, and a party dress, for semi-fancy dinners.

I was very intentional with selecting this palette. Because Thanksgiving is a holiday often associated with the delectable food, I wanted to select a palette that was literally delicious! (ok, admittedly, I'm not a fan of squash, although I do love the colour butternut!!) :)

Does this hat not look like a little apple pie with decorative stem & leaf?

刺绣 - 在思考一个独特的东西加入外套,并与苹果主题一起去 - Anja喜欢苹果,因为我想要这看起来是她的特别特殊的东西,这是一个适合。这是一个非常艰苦的过程,但我很高兴我这样做了。没有什么是除了手缝制的刺绣之外的唯一。很高兴花时间为我的女婴创造特别的东西!


My sweet, newly turned two 'baby' enjoying her first lollipop! At first, she was so determined to get to the playground that she kept shoving it out of her mouth. It took several attempts before she'd actually eat it. Funny girl!

The dress: apple green linen lined, chocolate coloured velveteen, with personally made piping and hand-stitched embroidery polka dot embellishments. This dress is very typical of my personal aesthetic: clean, classic lines, a bit of colour pop, and simple, personal details. This fabric in one of my favourites to work with in terms of fall/winter clothing. It holds it's shape nicely, has a bit of stretch, plus it's naturally cotton. I went with a exaggerated a line shape and added inverted pleats around the dress.

There is one subtle, tiny pleat on each sleeve...just for a bit of shape and detail.

I made the piping from the apple green linen fabric the bodice is lined with.这个是我让自己的管道。选择的概念are often quite slim around here, but this is a blessing in disguise. I now prefer making these embellishments myself since you can really personalize your garment details.


To help support the weight of the velveteen and compliment its shape, I made this little tutu/crinoline.



Today I'm guest posting a mini-tute over atThe Train to Crazyfor Andrea's Handmade Costume Series. Head over there to see how I made this hat!

Thank you, Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving, & Happy Bday to my Baby!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012
A little belated, but genuinely sincere THANK YOU to everyone who helped keep me safe to see another week of competition atProject Run & Play! It's been so incredible to compete along side such a talented group of ladies! I honestly never thought I could make it this far, but I'm super excited to show you my Fall Holiday look on Friday.

And a very Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all my Canadian followers! Our weekend was made extra special with Anja's 2nd birthday celebration...yes, my baby's TWO!!!!! I'm feeling extra thankful for her and all my family. :)


Giveaway Winner Announcement!


And the winner of theShabby Apple$50 gift card is....Amy who loves the4.0 dress!

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PR&P第4天 - 男孩周

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Theme

男孩周at.Project Run & Play(you can go vote for your favourite design until Sunday)!!


ABCs, Trees, and Autumn Leaves

The creation of this look was inspired by the beautiful east coast autumn scenery. I love the rich, warm colours and wanted to replicate it in each piece. Everything has either a hint or pop of crimson, my favourite fall colour.

The Coat



I included these features:
  • full lining
  • 深扁面前口袋,按钮封闭
  • 在引擎盖上扣上按钮(因为它得到了这里!)
  • flat felt seams
我最喜欢的一个功能之一是衬里面料。它被称为Mayfly Buddies这些广告orable critters adorning the alphabet. Tobias is big into letters & reading, so I knew this lining was a perfect fit for his tastes, and he loves it!

I got really personal with this coat in other ways, too. For example, my local fabric store didn't have the right colour for the toggle cord, so I took matters into my own hands, and dyed it...with coffee! And also, the buttons: I wanted them to have that rustic look to them, so I thought, why not burn them a bit?! Out came the lighter, and now, they are just the way I wanted them.

I really had fun personalizing this coat, and know there will be that awesome feeling of satisfaction, each time I see Tobias wearing it.

The Trousers

When I saw the rich, toffee coloured wale corduroy, I knew in an instant that it was meant to be these pants. They were the first thing I made for this outfit, and all the other fabrics/garments were planned around them.

Now that I've learned how to do a zipper fly, I feel so unlimited when it comes to making trousers. I have to yet again, credit the清洁板岩裤子虽然,这一次,因为我已经让他们成为几次,但我感到舒服地重新设计了他们所以说话。我使用了图案的碎片,而拉链飞行指令,但除此之外,我通过添加个人装饰来改变风格(独特的口袋,皮带环,对比缝合,格子装饰/细节)。

The Shirt

The shirt is my idea of a perfect transition garment for all seasons. I plan to layer it with a long sleeve jersey shirt underneath when the weather cools, so Tobias will get plenty of use out of it. But, I didn't want something typical, so I pieced the front with contrasting fabric and made the button tabs in bright red, to match the unexpected buttons.


The toque (pronounced toooooooook) is my signature Canadian piece for this look. It was so easy to sew, and tied in the colours nicely. I'm so glad I made it a last minute addition to the ensemble.



Project Run & Play直到星期天晚上出去的地方是出去投票。
If you vote for my look...THANK YOU!!

PR&P Week 3 - Kiss From a Rose


The Theme

这个week's theme was to use a white sheet to create the majority of an outfit. This proved to be a greater challenge than I thought it would be. The numerous possibilities from one blank slate piece of fabric kept me second guessing my plans. In the end, I decided to create two looks from one dress, by adding either a sash or a bolero jacket. I am thrilled with how it turned out, and I hope you will be, too!

Kiss From a Rose

The Fabric


The New Techniques

Fabric Dyeing

I had never used Rit dye before this challenge, and I have to say I was very pleased with the result. It was a lot quicker than the自然染色我过去做过。

Here's the sheet I started with. I regret not taking pictures during the process, but you can see how the colour turned out from all the photos.







Patterns & Tutorials


Please vote for your favourite look atProject Run & Play。And if it happens to be mine...THANK YOU SO MUCH!!